Hi, we are Maureen & Pete Foxley and this is where I usually write, how we got into photography, our experience etc, blah, blah, blah and you would have either glazed over by now or clicked to another page, so I want to be a bit more real with you.

Although we are rather 'camera obsessed' and Pete loves nothing more than to watch Youtube tutorials such a 'Peter McKinnon' (if you've not seen him, check him out) we do have a little bit of life outside of this, small though it may be.  He also loves to potter about in the garden in the evenings and collects Bonsais.  

We love good TV Dramas and then spend ages analysing who could have done it and why such as 'Line of Duty' and 'Bodyguard'. I love reading especially books about time and old houses, the combination of the two is perfect.

We are both massive animal lovers especially cats. Nothing moves us more than those videos on FB of an animal being rescued and finding it's forever home. If only life was always that happy.....

We also host people with Airbnb and love meeting new people and finding out what makes them tick.  All people are interesting if you listen.

Our guilty pleasure is ordering a Chinese or an Indian, just the best after a hard days work.

Pretty much everything else about us is based around photography and videography.