An equine photo shoot is the best way to showcase the unique relationship you share between you and your horse and something to treasure for generations.

A typical shoot takes around an hour to hour and half, although it may take longer, as I want to make sure you and your horse are completely comfortable and do not feel rushed, so I spend a bit of time getting to know you both, but still allowing plenty of time to capture different styles and detail shots.

My main aim is to capture the personality of your horse, just as you know and love them. I find that a natural environment is usually the best way to capture the essence of each horse's personality.

The price starts at £120 for one horse and £150 for two, if your horse is 25 miles for Poole, mileage applies to horses further away.

This package includes 1 10 x 8, 2 x 5 x 7, and 5 digital downloads, others can be purchased after the shoot.